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The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for March 22, 2018 @ 7PM, Poestenkill Town Hall.    

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The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for March 22, 2018 @ 7PM, Poestenkill Town Hall.  Please note the date change.    


Quiet, safe, and far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern urban society, Poestenkill is a quaint community located in Rensselaer County, New York, with a population just over 4,500 in 2010. As a "gateway" to the Rensselaer Plateau, we offer residents and visitors a unique opportunity to experience a wealth of outdoor recreation activities and easy access to some of the Plateau's most celebrated state parks, forests, and natural landmarks. Our area is home to a number of unique shops, diverse dining, and community events.

Letter from the Supervisor,

Whether you have lived in Poestenkill your whole life, are a recent resident or seeking to become a resident, we hope that you will find our website helpful. I know that our folks at Town Hall are always willing and happy to serve and assist you. Our community is proud of our small town atmosphere and our special heritage anchored in agriculture and forest products. We are proud to be a "Right to Farm" community that has enjoyed modest growth without sacrificing our small town feel and ample open spaces.


Do you have a question? Can't find something on the website? Or have a suggestion on how this site can better serve the public? Stop by our historic Town Hall, give me a call or send me an email, I would love to hear from you. MY email is and you can call me at 518-283-5100 ext. 104 .



Dom Jacangelo



"The Town of Poestenkill  is an equal opportunity employer and provider of municipal services." 

Dominic Jacangelo
Municipal Water: Discoloration
March 05, 2018

Many water customers in town are experiencing discolored water. There is no health concern at this time with the water. What you are experiencing is a slight iron discoloration. This has occurred due to the momentary power outage caused by the snow storm on Friday. The power surge caused the water system pumps to fault out and shut down. When the system was reset the pumps ran at full speed causing iron sediment to get stirred up in the water pipes. Iron sediment of this nature is normal in water systems. Numerous fire hydrants around town have and will be flushed to help clear the system up. It will take several days for the system to get flushed completely out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Waste Management Transfer Station
January 26, 2018

Waste Management, Inc. has once again resumed operations of their transfer station at the intersection of NY 66 and NY 351.   Several residents have raised questions regarding the operation of this facility.  This article is intended to answer some of those questions. 

The facility operates under a NYS DEC permit that has been kept current since the facility first opened in the 90's.   The permit has been amended over time and now allows the facility to handle 200 tons of garbage per-day.  Site approval for the project was given through a Planned Development District in 1992.  The Planning Board did approve a site plan revision in 1995 which raised the the throughput of the facility to 200 tons and called for a "Host Community Agreement" between the Town and the operator (Benson Brothers).  The agreement was executed but only contained a term of three years. 

Waste Management's state permit provides that they may handle up to 200 tons per-day; only operate between the hours of 7AM to 5PM, Monday through  Saturday;  may only enter and exit the facility from NY 66; may only handle municipal solid waste for transfer to larger vehicles; any overnight waste must be stored in these larger vehicles; must control litter generated by their operation and may not have idling vehicles in or near the property.    Transport vehicles should be completely covered. 

The original host agreement was not written for the life of the facility but rather had a term of three years.  Several prior administrations have tried to create a new agreement with the various operators without success.   

As Town Supervisor, I sent Waste Management correspondence stating in part that if they wanted to be a community asset they should consider entering into a new Host Community Agreement with the Town.  The components of that agreement would include their adoption of NY 66 and NY 351 for some distance under the states adopt a highway program and provide routine litter removal along that section of highway and that they also provide an opportunity for residents to directly dispose of their household solid waste at the facility.  I have also requested a host community fee from the company. 

Several residents have raised concerns regarding the potential for groundwater contamination.  They have also raised concerns about past contamination.  In 1998 several drinking water wells were tested by the State Health Department at the insistence of Supervisor Zwaig who came into office at that time.  All the wells tested clean except a well associated with a home owned by the Benson's across NY 66 from the site.  Toluene was identified in that well and was attributed to a fuel oil tank that leaked and was subsequently cleaned up on the property.  This finding was mis-characterized as coming from the operations of the facility.   All garbage is currently tipped onto a concrete pad with a leachate collection system that is monitored and tested. 

While the actions of a prior board have limited the Town's options with this facility, residents are encouraged to report any problem with the facility and its operations to the Supervisor, any Town Board member or the Code Enforcement Officer.   The company has been put on notice that we will be keeping a close eye on the facility and will insist and enforce the provisions of their NYS Solid Waste Management permit. 

National Grid Takes the Air Out of Natural Gas
December 08, 2017

Recently Councilman David Hass and I met with National Grid, represenatives of the Public Service Commission and NYSERDA to discuss the Poestenkill Natural Gas Project.  The news was very disappointing and put a nail in the coffin of trying to expand gas service into the hamlet.   The bottom line is that National Grid would need to petition the PSC on expanding service and be able to demonstrat to the PSC that the cost of expanding service could be covered by the revenue generated.  To our disappointment revenue from the project could not even cover the taxes which would be levied on that distance of pipe. 

While this news is very disappointing we also learned about other innovative technology which can bring down the cost of home heating and cooling significantly.  The newest heat pumps are much more efficient than models made just 10 years ago.  They promise to heat and cool your house for less than oil, gas, or propane.  The technology especially geothermal heatpumps is so promising that we will look at it for the next generation of heating and cooling at Town Hall. 

If you would like more information on heat pumps contact NYSERDA at .  

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