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  The next Town Board meeting will be held August 20, 2015 @ 7pm. Town seeking Planning Board Alternate, details under employment. 


Quiet, safe, and far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern urban society, Poestenkill is a quaint community located in Rensselaer County, New York, with a population just over 4,500 in 2010. As a "gateway" to the Rensselaer Plateau, we offer residents and visitors a unique opportunity to experience a wealth of outdoor recreation activities and easy access to some of the Plateau's most celebrated state parks, forests, and natural landmarks. Our area is home to a number of unique shops, diverse dining, and community events.

Letter from the Supervisor,

Whether you have lived in Poestenkill your whole life, are a recent resident or seeking to become a resident, we hope that you will find our website helpful. I know that our folks at Town Hall are always willing and happy to serve and assist you. Our community is proud of our small town atmosphere and our special heritage anchored in agriculture and forest products. We are proud to be a "Right to Farm" community that has enjoyed modest growth without sacrificing our small town feel and ample open spaces.


Do you have a question? Can't find something on the website? Or have a suggestion on how this site can better serve the public? Stop by our historic Town Hall, give me a call or send me an email, I would love to hear from you.



Dom Jacangelo



"The Town of Poestenkill  is an equal opportunity employer and provider of municipal services." 

Dominic Jacangelo
BARBERSVILLE FALLS: What will the future be?
July 30, 2015

Barbersville Falls

What will the future be?

The public is invited to an open discussion regarding the future of the Barbersville Falls hosted by the Poestenkill Town Board.  

The Nature Conservancy has considered divesting themselves of the 137 acres of land that make up the Barbersville Falls.  The question is, “Who should take ownership of this land?”  

Where:        Poestenkill Town Board Room

                        Poestenkill Town Hall

When:          Wednesday, August 12, 2015

                        7 PM

For more information contact:  Supervisor Dominic Jacangelo at 283-5100 or email

July 16, 2015

IN AN EMERGENCY CAN THE POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENT OR AMBULANCE FIND YOUR HOME? Poestenkill residents are reminded that all homes must have their street number displayed on the house visible from the road and have the street number posted at the edge of the property so that it readily identifies the home if the structure is more than 75 ft from the street.  Each apartment in a multi family residence must be clearly identified also.  Having emergency responders searching for your home eats up precious time in an emergency. Those lost minutes can be a life saving difference. Reflective compliant numbers may be obtained from the Poestenkill Fire Company.  Recently the lack of a properly identified driveway caused a delay in reaching a person who had dialed 911.  Please be sure that your home is appropriately numbered especially if it is some distance from the road.   


Chapter 96 of the Poestenkill Town Code provides specific direction on the posting of numbers and the responsibility of property owners for this numbering.  


§ 96-6. Size and display of numbers.

A. The numbers to be displayed on a building shall conform to the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (generally 4 inches in height and in a lit area). 
B. The numbers shall not be obstructed by trees, shrubbery, porches or other extensions of the building.
C. Wherever practicable, said number shall be placed near some light or source of illumination so that it may be readily seen at night.
D. If the building upon which the number is to be displayed is more than 75 feet from the edge of the road, street or highway serving the building, the number shall, in addition to the other requirements contained herein and in addition to being displayed on the front of the building itself, be displayed on a sign readily visible from the road, street or highway serving the building and in no event further back than 25 feet from said road, street or highway right-of-way.



Is your house number clearly visible from the street? If not, get your reflective house number sign now. Stop by the station for a form today.


Q: Would you like to see what one looks like in person?

A: We have ours mounted outside our main station. Come see!

Emergency Medical Services "Poestenkill Residents Never Better Served"
July 11, 2015

Much has been recently written regarding Emergency Medical Services in the Town of Poestenkill.  Through the efforts of the Poestenkill Volunteer Fire Company "First Responder " units and the the services of Mohawk Ambulance, Poestenkill residents should know that when the call "911" for emergency medical services they will be responded to in a timely fashion.  Some recent letters in the Advertiser contained misinformation and mischaracterizations. 


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