Town Of Poestenkill
 Natural Gas Project 

Natural Gas For Poestenkill

 Update:   This project continues to be advanced.  It is very important for homeowners to return their Form A's as soon as possible.  Town Board Members are going door to door answering questions for homeowners on this project.  If you would like a visit call Supervisor Dominic Jacangelo @ 518-283-5100 to schedule an appointment.  There are currently attractive grants for homeowners and seniors.  Significant rebates are being offered presently and Rural Development has very low interest loans and grants for low income seniors.   The Town has never been closer to making this project a reality! 



The Town of Poestenkill is working cooperatively with National Grid to bring natural gas service into the town.  The immediate project area is along NY 355 from North Greenbush to the intersection with NY351.  The project also includes homes along Plank Road from NY 351 to the Highway Yard; along Davis Drive, along NY 351 near the hamlet and around School / Veterans Rd.  In addition each first home that is on a side street will also be eligible for service. (There may be some exceptions.)   Surveys were mailed by National Grid to homeowners in February 2014 to gauge interest in the project and receiving gas service.  In addition volunteers took surveys door to door.  All the businesses and the school did express an interest and most homeowners expressed interest in the service.  If you live in that area and do not remember receiving or filling out a form you can down load one from this site.   Enough homeowners and businesses have expressed an interest to allow the project to go to the next phase. 


Natural gas is known as a clean fuel when it is combusted.  It emits less particulates and is lower in CO2 production.  Best of all natural gas runs about 1/3rd the cost of oil and remains significantly cheaper than propane.


National Grid has now undertaken a second mailing of Form A to homeowners and businesses.  You may still respond to that mailing and if you originally said you were not interested you can still change your mind. 


If you would like additional information please feel free to call Town Hall and speak to Town Supervisor Dominic Jacangelo or Councilman Dave Hass.   



Gas Sales Support Representative
National Grid
Phil Amsterdam
Phone: 315-452-7652

Phil Amsterdam is in the best position to answer your individual questions regarding the Natural Gas project. 


The attached forms may be completed by anyone within the project area who is interested in Natural Gas service.