Town Of Poestenkill

Barberville Natural Resource Area

August 09, 2017
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The Poestenkill Town Board will undertake a public hearing on Thursday, August 17, 2017 @ 7PM at the Poestenkill Town Hall, 38 Davis Drive, Poestenkill, NY 12144, regarding a local law that will govern activities at the Barberville Natural Resource Area.  The local law will make clear what activities are permitted and what activities will be prohibited when the property comes under the control of the Town of Poestenkill.  The Nature Conservency has proposed giving the property to the Town with financial support so that it can be properly supervised for generations to come.  The local law will allow certain passive recreational activities.  Prohibited activities will be prosecuted as civil trespass. 

The public is invited to provide comments in person or in writing.  Written comments should be emailed to or sent to the Town Supervisor Dominic Jacangelo at  by August 25, 2017.  

A full text of the local law is attached to this story.